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Will It Rain or Shine?

BBC Weather is a 'Weather' app developed by BBC. The app provides weather forecast to devices wherever the users are in the United Kingdom.

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  • Know the weather forecast.
  • Prepare for the coming weather.
  • Protects user’s identity while knowing the current location’s weather.
  • Have a safe travel or postpone activities with terrible weather.


  • Limited to United Kingdom.
  • Depends on user’s location.
  • It’s provides only forecast.
  • Problem with the widget.


BBC Weather is a 'Weather' app developed by BBC. The app provides weather forecast to devices wherever the users are in the United Kingdom.

A Reliable Source of Weather Forecast

BBC is a well-recognized institution when it comes to giving the latest news. Along with MeteoGroup, they have been broadcasting weather forecast since 1922. They were also the first broadcasting company to pioneer in using weather maps in 1936. This app was first launched in 2013 and since then, it has been widely used across the United Kingdom.

Receiving the Latest Forecast

This app is very usable on outdoors, before commuting to a place or simply preparing for a day-long activity. Some activities are getting canceled because of unforeseen weather changes that abrupt them. The app is a solution to organizing activities to whether they should be moved for another day or be postponed. The app is constantly improved to be more accessible for all kind of users. Its interface is made to be intuitive and easy to read for everybody’s convenience. The app considers accessibility to all types of users so they included a text-to-speech feature if pressing the device is physically impossible. Most locations in the United Kingdom are mapped in the app and an hourly feed of information regarding the weather is provided constantly. Users can get the information they needed immediately since the app gives an “at-a-glance forecast.” They will get hourly data of weather forecast that is ahead of up to 14 days. The days being forecasted is very advanced compared to other weather forecasts. However, the forecast still depends on the locations from the United Kingdom and its most populated places. When the app prompts “Chance of precipitation”, it means the weather will be rainy, pelt hail or have snowfall. The “Feels like” prompts forecast the weather and temperature’s wind strength. Seafarers and fishermen will benefit from this app so that they will not endanger themselves from strong winds. If users are worried that their closed ones may experience a terrible weather, they can use the app’s Met Office weather warnings feature. It offers a very personalized weather report to specific locations and their current weather condition. Users meanwhile can share the current weather report to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, email apps and more. Social media platforms are good places for sharing news like the weather. Regarding privacy, the user’s location is not divulged to BBC. They are instead kept anonymous for safety reasons. The app instead locates the device’s position to the closest area where the weather status of that place is available. In this way, users are not endangered from online predators. Users are free to turn on or off the app’s weather forecast at the current location. They can turn on the weather forecast on their current position by allowing the app to access the device’s location permission. On the other hand, they can go to the device’s location services and turn off the notification. This is useful if users wish not to be interrupted on the go. 

Preparing for the Day’s Weather

It is well advised to be ready if it rains or shines. BBC Weather is a useful app most especially for those who are very conscious about the weather. The weather is becoming more erratic than ever and nobody knows what will be the next weather condition.

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